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September 3, 2020by admin0

Do you know, with the new ELECTRICITY and FUEL tariff hike  

N1,000 fuel can only give you 6.2 litres at the rate of N162, which might not power your generator for 8hours.

However, if you use let’s say your Power Generator uses 12 litres of fuel daily, that will be a staggering sum of N2000 daily.

Also, do you know if you use an average of 40KWH of Electricity every day, that automatically translate into N2,100 per day?



Do you know if you spend an average of N2,000 daily on buying fuel for your Generator, you would have spent N60,000 in a month in fueling your generator?

And do you know this translates into #720,000 yearly? This excludes the cost of generator repairs and service.

Why not get an Alternative Power solution today?

At Quick Standard Solutions we make sure your energy requirements are met.

It’s a win-win for you

You can Go Green, Save Earth while also Saving Money


There are no better times than this to get that solar project started for your homes and office.


We are professionals in Solar systems, Inverter systems, batteries, charge controllers, and all DC products.

At QUICK STANDARD SOLUTIONS we sell, install, maintain, repair, and service.

Call us today to make inquiries on how to get an Uninterrupted Power Supply and save money.


Let’s help get you started


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