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As we all know, the battery is the life-wire or the engine room of the Inverter, and we also know that the inverter only converts or invert the Direct Current (DC) of the battery to the (AC) Alternate current for the utilization of our household appliances.

In truth, the lifespan of every battery depends on its usage and maintenance.
Every battery just like your car’s and power generating sets requires routine checks and maintenance.

I know a lot of people like most of our client would love to but might not know exactly how to go about it.

important Tips

  1. Make sure your inverter batteries are installed in a well-ventilated environment. it is worth noting that the cooler the battery the better, and it also increases lifespan and efficiency.
  2. Keep your batteries from fire, smoke, metallic areas
  3. Avoid bridging your batteries.
  4. Use energy-saving devices
  5. Disconnect unnecessary loads
  6. Do not drain batteries
  7. Replace damaged batteries it is advisable not to combine old and new batteries on the same system.
  8. Ensure proper loading on your device, do not overload the inverter more than its original design. I normally advise, not more than 50% loading, as this helps increase battery life.

Many corporate organisations are guilty of this practice

you see an inverter with the inscription 4kva, and you see some staffs having their electric kettle for boiling water for tea in the office(in most cases the IT department might not even be aware). and an electric kettle is about 1000watts (1kva). this can harm your inverter system, so always make sure that these practices are put into routine check.

Let me discuss NOS. 7

7. I have seen situations where clients use their inverters to the extent that the inverter alarm will start beeping, but they will still be adamant,  doing this is like committing suicide. It’s just like exhausting all the petrol in your car tank before you refill. it actually damages your carburettor with time. Please avoid this practice and you will enjoy your device for a longer period.

At Quick Standard, we always make sure our clients educate their staffs


you can read up inverter airconditioning

I hope this helps.

feel free to call QUICK STANDARD SOLUTIONS for any questions, our desire this year is to serve you better.

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